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3rd June 2011


Character 16, Riptide

Janos Quested is a mutant with the ability to spin his body at an incredibly fast rate. Upon reaching his top speed, Riptide then hurls shuriken and other objects created from calcified masses at such high velocity that they can punch through steel.

He was a member of the marauders, and during the morlock massacre, was responsible for the most morlock deaths due to his power. It was during the morlock massacre that he severely injured Nightcrawler and Colossus. He boasted to Colossus that hurricane force winds could punch a piece of straw through a solid oak and that his spinning caused his blades to fly even faster than that. Despite being hit by a deluge of blades which penetrated his armored skin, Colossus managed to reach an incredulous Riptide, seize his throat, and snap his neck. However, Mr. Sinister was able to clone the Marauders thanks to samples of their DNA, and Riptide returned.

He kept his powers after the House of M event, and was one of the Marauders, who, alongside old members and a number of new ones, attacked the X-Men.

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